Russian is spoken not only in Russia, but all over Central Asia, in many parts of Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, as well as by the Russian-speaking diaspora in the United States. Russian is the eighth most widely spoken native language, with over 150 million first-language speakers, and about 110 million second–language speakers. All this has created an expansion of job opportunities for those who possess Russian language skills in the United States: it is needed in the legal, medical or educational fields, in refugee agencies, and various US government agencies.

The Language Flagship sponsors eight Russian Flagship Programs across the U.S.; each offers unique strengths and provides undergraduate students with pathways to professional-level proficiency in Russian alongside the academic major of their choice. To start your journey towards becoming a global professional:

Explore each program’s website or reach out to any of the following individuals for more information:

The Language Flagship also sponsors a Russian Overseas Capstone Program in Kazakhstan The Flagship Overseas page has additional information about this opportunity.  


Register for 2022 Russian Virtual Open House

On September 13, 2022 from 7-8 PM EST, the Russian Flagship will host an open house and interactive webinar. Register if you are interested in learning about the unique features of the Russian Flagship Program and hear from Russian Flagship program staff, and current Flagship students. This event is being collaboratively organized by the eight U.S. universities that currently host Russian Flagship Programs. Register here, or by clicking the flyer below:

2021 Russian Flagship Program Open House

2020 Russian Flagship Program Open House

Russian Flagship Program at Portland State University

Russian Flagship Program at the University of California, Los Angeles

Russian Flagship Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Overseas Russian Flagship Program