What is The Language Flagship?

The Language Flagship is one of the nation’s most advanced and comprehensive language education programs. Through Flagship, college students are given the opportunity to achieve professional-level language ability in one of ten critical languages such as Chinese or Arabic, while pursuing another major. Flagship students receive rigorous language instruction domestically and overseas to maximize their language learning experience. As a result, challenging languages are mastered by English-speakers in four to five years. If you are a highly-motivated student interested in learning a less-commonly studied language, living and working abroad, and preparing yourself for an exciting life and important career using foreign language skills in a globalized world, then we encourage you to apply to Flagship today!

How is The Language Flagship different from other university language programs?

Bold, intensive, adventurous, useful—these are some of the words our graduates have used to describe The Language Flagship. Our program provides a unique approach to language learning including:

  • Expectation of Success
  • Tutoring and supportive co-curricular activities
  • Content Courses taught in the target language (e.g. Lebanon between Formation & Transformation taught in Arabic)
  • Overseas programs with internship opportunities
  • Goal of professional-level proficiency and “Flagship Certification”


Ultimately, language becomes a critical part of your education because you learn it in the context of your other academic interests. Although most undergraduate Flagship programs are designed as four-year programs, some offer a fifth year option while others even offer “pre-Flagship” classes to jump-start students on the Flagship path.

Is the Language Flagship right for me?

The Language Flagship is right for you if:

You never studied a language before.

All Flagship programs have pathways for students with no prior language study. While some of our students come with some language ability, many others find the challenge of starting from scratch rewarding, as Flagship provides opportunities such as pre-collegiate enrollment, intensive summer sessions, as well as one-on-one and group tutoring to help them succeed.

You studied a non-Flagship language (e.g., Spanish, German, French, etc.).

If you already know what it takes to learn a new language, then you are a great candidate for Flagship. There is a lot of research showing that people who have already learned a second language pick up additional languages more quickly.

You studied a Flagship language in school.

Our program advisors will find the right courses to help you build on your skills.

You grew up speaking the language you would like to study but are not fluent.

Our program advisors will find the right courses to help you build on your skills. Flagship faculty across the U.S. are leading the way in effective teaching for heritage language learners.