Results 2012


Hosted by the Hunter College Chinese Flagship Program and the Institute of International Education, this October 27, 2012 event brought together more than 170 language educators, language administrators, foreign exchange specialists, and other language stakeholders to discuss innovations in language teaching and learning. The event disseminated results of the Flagship program to the foreign language field, including documentation of high-level language proficiency attained by undergraduate and graduate students across 10 critical languages as measured by government and academic testing.

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Results 2012

The Language Flagship and Overview of Results 2012
Dr. Samuel Eisen, The Language Flagship

Assessing the Impact of the Flagship Experience on the Academic, Cultural, and Professional Training of Students
Dr. Mahmoud Al-Batal, University of Texas, Austin
Christian Glakas, University of Texas, Austin

How Can Flagship Work on your Campus: Dissemination of the Flagship Model

Morning Panel Sessions

Panel One: Best Practices in Assessing Language Learning

The Language Flagship and ACTFL-Partners in Testing and Teaching at Higher Proficiency Levels
Dr. Elvira Swender, ACTFL

Developing and Evaluating Performance-Based Assessments: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from an Online Chinese Course
Dr. Katharine B. Nielson, Voxy
Dr. Megan C. Masters, University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language

Defining and Testing Proficient Reading
Dr. Ray Clifford, Brigham Young University

Semi-direct tests: Tools for Self Assessment and Feedback on the Path to High Level Proficiency Levels
Dr. Margaret E. Malone, Center for Applied Linguistics & National Capital Language Resource Center

Panel Two: Applied Linguistics and Linguistic Applications in Language Teaching

Panel Three: Language in Professional Contexts

Transforming the Traditional Language Curriculum to Meet the Challenges of the Globalized 21st Century
Dr. Vivian Ling, Indiana University

Innovative Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Engineering students
Dr. Wen Xiong, University of Rhode Island
Dr. Wayne He, University of Rhode Island
Dr. Zongqin Zhang, University of Rhode Island

Finding and Building on the Common Ground Between LGP and LSP
Dr. Lourdes Sánchez-López, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Dr. Sheri Spaine Long, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Panel Four: Language in the Disciplines

Afternoon Panel Sessions

Panel One: The Role of Culture in Language Teaching and Learning

Social Discourse in Hindi/Urdu
Dr. Rupert Snell, University of Texas

Teaching Culture in the Language Classroom
Dr. Laila Familiar, University of Texas

The Role of Culture in National Language Service Corps: Language Sustainment and Enhancement Training
Dr. Joyce M. Baker, National Language Service Corps

Panel Two: Best Practices in Advanced Language Pedagogy

Teletandem at UGA: Student Partnership & Video Conferencing in the XXI Century Foreign Language Classroom
Dr. Robert H. Moser, University of Georgia

Conversa Brasileira: Blending Innovative Technologies with Student-Teacher Language Learning Responsibilities
Dr. Orlando R. Kelm, University of Texas, Austin

Teaching Heritage Speakers and L2 Learners Together: Evidence from Testing
Dr. Olga Kagan, University of California, Los Angeles

Online Learning Communities in The Language Flagship: Chinese, Korean, Russian
Dr. Madeline Spring, Arizona State University
Dr. Sharon Bain, Bryn Mawr College

Panel Three: Collaboration with K–12

F-CAP and Its Potential as a Game-Changer in K–12 Language Programming in the U.S.
Ms. Ann Tollefson, F-CAP Utah State Office of Education

Flagship High School Curriculum, Results in Three Modes: Face to Face, Hybrid, and Online
Dr. Wafa Hassan, Michigan State University

Language Learning for the Professions: An Overview of K–12 Initiatives
Dr. Mary Risner, University of Florida Latin American Business and Outreach Programs

The Pushkin Project of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Flagship High School Outreach
Dr. David Bethea, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dr. Karen Evans-Romaine, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Panel Four: Developments in Government Language Training

Group Cognition: Constructs for Managing Changes
Dr. Donald Fischer, Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center
Dr. Kueilan Chen, Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

Developing Superior Language Proficiency and Analytical Skills for the Federal Workforce: The English for Heritage Language Speakers (EHLS) Program
Ms. Deborah Kennedy, Center for Applied Linguistics, EHLS Program
Ms. Christa Hansen, Georgetown, EHLS Program

Proficiency Certification and the National Language Service Corps
Dr. Charles Stansfield, National Language Service Corps