Language Flagship Proficiency Initiative Database

The Language Flagship has published the anonymous foreign language proficiency test data from the Language Proficiency Flagship Initiative, a grant program funded to assess how the introduction of proficiency assessments to non-Flagship programs may be used to improve teaching and learning within language programs. The universities involved in this project include Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, and the University of Utah.  This project was funded by Defense Language and National Security Education Office (DLNSEO). 

The dataset includes the results of 22,961 administered and scored ACTFL- and ILR-scaled listening, reading, and speaking proficiency tests from U.S. college students (not affiliated with the Langauge Flagship Program) learning a variety of different languages (Arabic, Chinese, French,German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish) at the three universities. Anonymized background data on the students is also supplied. The data can help language programs understand the benefits of introducing proficiency testing into their curriculum and also be used for secondary analyses, novel research, or for the teaching of statistics. The data were collected over a period of three years with a cross-sectional design; however, nested within are random repeat test takers. The data are free and open to the public world-wide, regardless of institutional affiliation.

We encourage you to share this resource broadly in the language field.  For further research, we encourage you and your colleagues to consider comparative analysis of the data from Language Flagship students with this representative sample, or analysis that will help to further refine Flagship pedagogy and practice.  Please also see of course Foreign Language Proficiency in Higher Education (2019) 2019) edited by Paula Winke and Susan Gass from Michigan State University published by Springer (Educational Linguistic Vol. 37)

The citation with the DOI [URL] to the data deposit is: Winke, P. M., Gass, S. M., Soneson, D., Rubio, F., and Hacking, J. F. (2020). Foreign language proficiency test data from three American universities, [United States], 2014-2017. Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2020-03-10.