The Language Flagship operates 10 overseas centers. These Flagship Overseas Centers provide opportunities that allow Flagship students to hone their language skills with native speakers and put their lessons into context as they experience life abroad– through internships and direct enrollment at an overseas institution.

At The Language Flagship, student safety and security are our highest priorities. Living overseas can be exciting and a bit unfamiliar. The Language Flagship works in partnership with the American Councils for International Education to manage Flagship Overseas Centers in Morocco, Kazakhstan, Tanzania, Turkey, and China; the Chinese center in Nanjing is co-managed along with Brigham Young University.  The Language Flagship also has Overseas Centers in India, South Korea, and Brazil.  We continuously monitor events in all of our host countries, and are in contact with U.S. embassies and missions in these regions. Students receive safety-awareness training and are well-oriented before departing from the U.S. We encourage you to visit travel websites to learn more about foreign countries and different cultures. For more specific information on health and safety resources for U.S. college students studying abroad, visit studentsabroad.state.gov.

Flagship Overseas Centers

Country Institution(s) Language(s)
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan University of Languages Turkish
Brazil Federal University of São João del-Rei Portuguese
China Nanjing University; Beijing Union University Chinese
Morocco Arab-American Language Institute in Morocco Arabic
Korea Korea University Korean
Kazakhstan Kazakh National University Russian



Overseas Model

  • Direct enrollment at overseas universities
  • Extended overseas immersion
  • Specialized tutors
  • Internships that combine practical use of language with career interests
  • Students must achieve an Advanced Level (ILR Level 2) proficiency in the target language to enroll in an Overseas Flagship Center
  • Students aim to achieve a Superior Level (ILR Level 3) proficiency in the target language upon completion of the overseas experience


Overseas Internship Experiences

Flagship students are able to use high-level language proficiency and professional skills in overseas internship placements that require knowledge of the culture and region. Some past internship placements include:


  • St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russia
  • The International Journalist’s Center, Russia
  • Architectural Studio 44, Russia
  • Misa Press, Morocco
  • Artisan Center for Traditional Crafts, Morocco
  • Meknes Center for Investment, Morocco
  • Agency of Social Development, Morocco
  • The Nature Conservancy, China
  • Shanghai Institute of Neuroscience, China
  • China Economic Review, China
  • Lexfield Law Offices, China
  • GFA Consulting Group, India


Quotes from students at Flagship Overseas Centers:

“After the Flagship Capstone Year I have become much more confident in all aspects and am now very comfortable with the language to a point that I feel I will be able to utilize my language skills in the professional world.”

“This program helped me make great strides towards reaching a professional level of proficiency.”

“Academically, professionally, and culturally, the program this year was an excellent learning experience and I am a wiser, more mature person because of it.”

“There were always clearly defined goals and the teachers were always willing and available to help us reach the highest level of language proficiency possible.”

“This is a really really great and solid program, with great activities and opportunities.”

“My experiences in the overseas program immensely improved my target language and helped me to grow as a person. I encountered many language and living challenges that truly helped me to become a more mature, stronger, and diversified person. The overseas Flagship program offers a truly unique opportunity that is second to none.”