The Language Flagship is a groundbreaking effort to change the way Americans think about and learn foreign languages. Here you will find a selection of national media coverage on our programs, language education, and more. If you are interested in doing a story on The Language Flagship please contact Nena Naji at or (571) 256-0843



North Georgia Gets $1.2M to Continue Chinese Flagship Program (Jul 9, 2020)

Russian and Portuguese Language Flagship Program Grants Renewed (Jun 11, 2020)

UNG Secures another 4-year, $1.2 million Chinese Language Flagship Grant (Jun 8, 2020)

Professor of Russian Tim Harte Named Bryn Mawr's Next Provost (May 13, 2020)

Five WKU Students Awarded Boren Scholarships (May 7, 2020)

UH Mānoa Korean Language Flagship Center Funding Renewed (May 4, 2020)

UNC Receives $1.2 Million Award to Launch Undergraduate Russian Flagship Program (Apr 29, 2020)

Three UNG students earn Boren Scholarships (Apr 29, 2020)

Jacqueline Stomski Named James C. Gaither Junior Fellow (Apr 28, 2020)

Asian Languages & Literature Department awarded Chinese Flagship Grant to expand language education (Apr 27, 2020)

Scholarship takes Chinese Flagship student to China (Jan 23, 2020)

ACTFL ‘Shark Tank’ Chooses Woodpecker (Jan 8, 2020)



Student Gets Immersed in Arabic Culture, Language in Morocco (Dec 30, 2019)

Congress Creates New K-12 World Languages Grant Program (Dec 20, 2019)

IU's strength in foreign language, cultural studies prepares students for global careers (Oct 25, 2019)

Summer Language Institute experiences extend beyond classroom (Aug 5, 2019)

Indiana Language Roadmap Seeks To Diversify, Enhance Opportunities For Hoosiers (Jul 29, 2019)

America must invest in expertise and skills to compete with China (Jul 26, 2019)

Language Roadmap sets a course for strengthening Indiana's international identity (Jul 25, 2019) 

UH Mānoa tech center co-sponsors Shark Tank inspired competition (Jul 8 2019)

Summer Intensive Language Program Offers “Best of Both Worlds” for Language Learners (Jun 18, 2019)

Russian Flagship Program receives sizable student scholarships (Jun 5, 2019)

Three students and two graduates win national scholarships (Jun 17, 2019)

Introducing 'Ka Leo Abroad' (May 23, 2019)

Four UO students receive prestigious Boren Award to study abroad (May 20, 2019)

Seven UM Arabic, Chinese and Swahili Students Named Boren Scholars (May 17, 2019)

Flagship Status Pays Off for UM Arabic Program, Students (May 17, 2019)

Sydney Millar '19 Will Study in Kazakhstan as a Boren Scholar (May 8, 2019)

Six URI students win Boren scholarships, fellowships to study languages overseas (May 7, 2019)

Students to study abroad through Gilman scholarships (May 6, 2019)

This college student won scholarship to attend an Apple conference– and other awards (May 5, 2019)

UGA receives record number of Boren Scholars (Apr 30, 2019)

Chinese Language Flagship funding now available for civilian students (Apr 24, 2019)

Spring Signing Day 2019: Norman High's Anna Backus signs with Hawaii (Apr 17, 2019)

Prestigious Center for Arabic Study Abroad Moves to the University of Arizona (Apr 10, 2019)

President Speaks: Colleges must prioritize foreign languages (Apr 8, 2019)

Chinese Flagship student receives scholarship to study in China (Apr 4, 2019)

Indiana University awards honorary doctorate to renowned Taiwanese writer (Feb 25, 2019)

IU Bloomington celebrates this year's Building Bridges Award winners (Jan 21, 2019)

URI students take second in Chinese at national business language case competition at BYU (Jan 9, 2019)



Top Ole Miss Stories of 2018 (Dec 30, 2018)

SPEA senior discovered passion for helping refugees through courses at IU (Nov 9, 2018)

UGA establishes Russian Flagship Program (Nov 2, 2018)

From 14 to 64, UM Freshman Class Spans the Ages (Sep 24, 2018)

Say "Здравствуйте" to Indiana's new Russian Language Flagship program (Sep 19, 2018)

Croft Institute Marks Two Decades of Preparing State for the World (Aug 30, 2018)

IU gains Russian Flagship, marking unprecedented number for US institutions (Aug 29, 2018)

IU Bloomington to host Russian Flagship program, raising the bar for language education (Aug 22, 2018)

Ole Miss granted Arabic Flagship Program (Aug 17, 2018)

Four UM Students Awarded Scholarships by US State Department (Jul 26, 2018)

Rusovich Family Bolsters UM Arabic Program (Jul 12, 2018)

Partnerships with Department of Defense create opportunities for students (May 10, 2018)

Wisconsin Educators, Business Look To Future of Language (Jan 29, 2018)



Federal Government and IU Place Emphasis on The Language Flagship (Oct 2, 2017)

Tech Center News Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center (Summer 2017)

Language Study as a National Imperative (Feb 28, 2017)

Arabic Studies Gain Popularity in American Universities (Feb 15, 2017)

Practical Proficiency: Arabic Joins Chinese and Turkish Flagships at Indiana University (Jan 25, 2017)



Language by the Shrinking Numbers: A New Report from American Academy of Arts and Sciences Makes a Data-based Case for Building U.S. Capacity for Foreign Languages (Dec 15, 2016)

Indiana University to Lead Arabic Language Flagship Program (Mar 10, 2016)

Chinese Flagship Students Accepted into Princeton in Beijing (Feb 17, 2016)

Students Study Abroad in Kazakhstan, Experience New Culture, Personal Growth (Feb 8, 2016)

Federal Grant Funds Mandarin Courses for SF High School Students (Jan 19, 2016)



Russian Flagship Program Opens Unexpected Paths (Dec 9, 2015)

University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Awarded Grant for The Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center (Sep 25, 2015)

UW-Madison, Kazakh students connect through new program (Aug 19, 2015)

Teens gain global experience at ASU Chinese language camp (Jun 23, 2015)

ASU alum's humanitarian efforts earn Harvard fellowship (May 5, 2015)

Chinese language major to spend capstone year at Nanjing University (Apr 20, 2015)

Chinese Language Flagship Program (Apr 9, 2015)

Flagship Participants Find Their Voice (and Future) in Chinese (Mar 2015)

URI Chinese Flagship students earn international scholarships to study in China (Mar 11, 2015)

Russian Flagship Program connects language learning to other disciplines (Feb 16, 2015)

Letter leads Jay Todd Richey to China (Feb 2, 2015)

New Federal Initiative to Survey K-16 Foreign Language Education in U.S. (Jan 28, 2015)



Translating the (Russian) News (Fall 2014)

Chinese Language Flagship program at ASU advances military service (Fall 2014)

A lifetime of achievement (Dec 18, 2014)

Educating for the Future: Learning Mandarin as a Key to U.S.-China Relations (Dec 17, 2014)



IU Taps Alum to Lead Chinese Program (Aug 23, 2013)

America Meets and Greets the Mississippi! (May 29, 2013)

WKU Student Wins Scholarship for Study in China (May 28, 2013)

Three Hunter Chinese Flagship Students Won Prestigious Boren Scholarships (May, 2013

English literature honors student wins Fulbright-Hays scholarship to visit China (May 17, 2013)

Genetics honors student wins Fulbright-Hays scholarship to study in China (May 17, 2013)

2013 Wish List for World Languages (Mar 2013)

Hawai'i Language Summit (Mar 14, 2013)

Akaka Awarded at Summit Launching Hawaii Effort to Build Multilingual Workforce (Mar 13, 2013)

UCLA Russian Club learns through Durak (Feb 27, 2013)

Federal Service Language Academy to offer Portuguese Summer Program for High School Students (Feb 25, 2013)

Summer Institute for K-12 Educators on Brazilian Culture and Portuguese Language offered by The University of Georgia, Tulane University and Vanderbilt University (Feb 25, 2013)

A Russian Flagship Student's St. Petersburg Year (Feb 19, 2013)

Portuguese Flagship Program Sending First Class to Brazil in Feb (Jan 2013)

New Scholarships for Language Flagship students (Jan 3, 2013)



Breaking Down Language Barriers (Nov, 2012)

Applying to College? Make Sure You Have Options to Study Languages (Oct 1, 2012)

Rhode Island Crafts Road Map to Learning Languages (Jun 27, 2012)

University of Mississippi offers Chinese instructor, program at Oxford High School (Mar 27, 2012)

ASU Chinese Flagship program expands with ROTC focus (Feb 14, 2012)



The study-abroad route less traveled: A year in Russia (Nov 30, 2011)

Two GA Colleges Win Language Grants (Nov 25, 2011)

Georgia Universities Chosen for Pilot Chinese Programs (Nov 18, 2011)

NGCSU receives $720K funding for Chinese instruction for cadets (Nov 3, 2011)

IU Bloomington chosen to establish nation's first Turkish Flagship program (Oct 6, 2011)

National Security Education Program Awards Three Pilot ROTC Flagship Initiatives to Increase Foreign Language Proficiency in ROTC Students (Sep 30, 2011)

WKU Graduate to Use Fulbright Grant for Research in China (Jun 16, 2011)

Born in China, UO student will return to study under Boren Scholarship (May 27, 2011)

College campuses add language immersion programs (Apr 29, 2011)

R.I. Foundation honors 19 from URI as Inaugural class of Demers fellows (Apr 23, 2011)

Fluent in another language? The CIA wants you - Multilingual recruits at a premium; but, U.S. is a living lab for how we learn (Mar 9, 2011)

BYU and UVU students compete in Chinese speech contest (Mar 6, 2011)

Written words works of art: Chinese classes catching on (Feb 28, 2011)

Buying fair: 'International reach' can be reality by supporting fair-trade (Feb 23, 2011)

High school students to learn about Chinese language, culture (Feb 21, 2011)

Panel discusses Egyptian experiences (Feb 27, 2011)

University offers opportunity to study Chinese, travel to China (Feb 25, 2011)

Shortage of Chinese language teachers in Oregon prompts virtual classes with educators in China (Feb 6, 2011)

U.S. College Students Return from Egypt (Feb 4, 2011)

IU awarded graduate Flagship program for Chinese education (Feb 2, 2011)

Study abroad funded through Obama's "100,000 Strong Initiative (Feb 1, 2011)

OU school under new title (Jan 27, 2011)

Foreign Frenzy (Jan 20, 2011)

Indiana University creates advanced Swahili program (Jan 18, 2011)

Arabic major receives online master’s program (Jan 12, 2011)



BYU Takes Top Honors in First-Ever Chinese Language Competition (Nov 30, 2010)

Five BYU Chinese Flagship Center Students awarded FLAS scholarship (Nov 1, 2010)

Flagship program at Western Kentucky University Prepares students for careers in China (Oct 13, 2010)

President Boren to give speech about global education (Oct 12, 2010)

OU's President Boren to speak on global education (Oct 9, 2010)

ASU celebrates Chinese immersion program (Oct 6, 2010)

Program bolsters Department's language capabilities (Oct 5, 2010)

With eye on global study, 'U' growing flagship programs (Sep 23, 2010)

Raising the Bar (Sep 10, 2010)

Students can now earn Arabic degree at OU (Sep 10, 2010)

University of Michigan's Language Flagship students groomed to be 'global professionals' (Sep 2, 2010)

United States Subcommittee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Hearing: Closing the Language Gap: Improving the Federal Government's Foreign Language Capabilities (Jul 29, 2010)

Seeing Pandas Up Close (Jul 23, 2010)

U.S. Reps. Push for Foreign Language Teaching in ESEA (Jul 21, 2010)

An interview with Michael Nugent: The Language Flagship (Jul 7, 2010)

High school students learn Chinese language, culture (Jun 23, 2010)

Parma's Donny Newman is big in China (Jun 20, 2010)

Government still trying to catch up on language capabilities (Jun 12, 2010)

Global Professionals Should Be Fluent in Multiple Languages (Jun 4, 2010)

U.S. Public Diplomacy Depends on Citizens Learning Other Languages (May/Jun 2010)

An Interview with Professor Amy Weinberg: Learning Other Languages (May 14, 2010)

California Language Roadmap Summit (May 10, 2010)

Promoting Chinese Language in Portland Schools (Apr 30, 2010)

Farsi fluency sought, but classes must fill in for immersion method (Apr 27, 2010)

Despite Need, Bilingual U.S. Workforce Not Likely on Horizon Soon (Apr 9, 2010)

Western to house state’s first Confucius Institute (Mar 30, 2010)

Grant to establish undergraduate Russian Flagship Center (Mar 23, 2010)

Learning Chinese Beneficial (Mar 10, 2010)

Valley Schools beginning to add Chinese Language Option (Mar 10, 2010)

Career Opportunities: A good idea in any Language (Mar 2010)

Learning Chinese Beneficial: Arizona should promote crucial language programs (Feb 27, 2010)

No matter how you say it, URI has BIG enrollments in languages (Feb 10, 2010)

ASU Flagship Program (Feb 4, 2010)

9/11 Kickstarts Arabic studies: Arabic Flagship Program at the University of Texas (Jan 28, 2010)

ASU students learn the ropes in China (Jan 2010)

New Russian Program Prepares Students for Global Leadership (Jan 2010)

WKU Chinese Flagship Students Steal the Show in Beijing (Jan 18, 2010)