Countries around the world provide students with early foreign language learning. Many U.S. students only complete two years of a foreign language in high school, and some receive no language instruction at all.

To address this shortfall, The Language Flagship has systematically made K–12 investments to improve access to outcome-based foreign language learning. Flagship initiatives in K–12 instruction are designed to provide outcome-based articulated foreign language learning experiences.

Sponsored by The Language Flagship, The National K-12 Foreign Language Enrollment Survey Report is a comprehensive study of world language enrollments across the formal U.S. education system at the K-12 level. To read the full text of this report, please click here.

The Language Flagship has also supported six state Language Roadmap initiatives, which address the question of K-12 foreign language education. To read the full text of these roadmaps, visit the Reports Archive.

Federal Partner Programs

The Language Flagship partners with and supports other federal programs that promote excellence in language teaching and learning. If you are the parent of a K-12 student or a teacher of a critical language, we strongly encourage you to look into the opportunities provided by these partners.


Flagship investments include comprehensive K–12 foreign language initiatives. Programs have developed a cohesive curricula, methodologies and pedagogical approaches that focus on improving student proficiency. Flagship has used these model for improve foreign language learning across the U.S.


The Language Flagship has made strategic investments in K-12 Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian programs with a focus on dual language immersion and secondary language learning to yield useable proficiency. Through initiatives led by Flagship institutions in collaboration with local and state education agencies and community college partners, we are impacting the way languages are taught and learned.  

Flagship Advising

Opportunities exist for students to become more engaged in foreign language learning. As educators, you can impact students of any language by providing them information on opportunities for intensive language study.