Flagship Higher Education

Many of the students who enroll in foreign language courses at the university level believe that they lack the skills necessary to develop high-level language proficiency. Through more than a decade of institutional investment in designing, supporting, and implementing new curricula for advanced language education, The Language Flagship has worked to address this challenge. Using Flagship techniques, we have increased student retention and improved student outcome proficiency. Flagship results have proven that it is possible for large numbers of students to achieve high-level foreign language proficiency.

Flagship Investments

Since 2002, The Language Flagship has made institutional investments to improve university foreign language teaching and programs. Flagship took a multi-pronged approach to improve outcomes in student language proficiency. By developing more effective learner interventions both inside and outside the classroom and developing a holistic approach to language acquisition, Flagship was able to demonstrate significant increases in learner outcomes. While Flagship-style language learning began as an experiment at the graduate level, since 2006 efforts have been directed toward increasing learner proficiency gains and outcomes at the undergraduate level.

Programs and Competitions

Flagship promotes opportunities for institutions of higher education to develop advanced foreign language programs. The Language Flagship programs have taken the lead nationally in designing, supporting, and implementing new curricula for advanced language education. The Flagship’s systematic approach to curriculum, teaching, assessment and testing graduates students with superior language ability and prepares them to become global professionals. Flagship offers both funding opportunities and guidance on developing outcomes-based foreign language programs.