In spite of decades of global competition, U.S. businesses hold leading positions in key sectors of the global economy. In order to maintain these positions in the future, business must increase their in-house expertise and capability for working on an international level. Flagship develops individuals who not only have professional-level language and cultural ability, but who also have training and experience working across key business sectors.

Flagship graduates have been trained across a variety of fields and specializations. The combination of professional skills, professional language, and work experience in country give companies highly developed knowledge and understanding from both a local and global level. Flagship students are capable of filling business roles in these industries:

  • Energy, Environment Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • Legal and Intellectual Property
  • Financial & Professional Services

As businesses manage cross-national projects involving major building initiatives or product development, those businesses lacking language skills lose clarity in communications and lose their competitive edge. Companies have to absorb these costs wasted on big projects that begin but do not get finished due to misunderstandings of language and culture.


Flagship Certified Professionals have a skill-set unmatched in the marketplace. They provide employers with overseas work experience and highly developed language skills. Flagship graduates are a great addition to any organization.


Flagship has a broad network of programs and institutions across the U.S. These programs provide not only graduates, but cultural expertise. These institutions are looking to partner with businesses.


Flagship has assessed the needs of the business community, through outreach and research. These efforts have informed our strategy for business engagement, and needs in key sectors.  Visit the Reports Archive to read about the "Metro Language Series" and "What Business Wants" report.