Approach and Results

The Language Flagship approach is directed intensive language training coupled with immersive overseas work and learning experiences. To ensure the effectiveness of each step in the process, all students and programs receive meaningful evaluations of the effectiveness and development. This commitment to assessment and review is what sets Flagship apart from other initiatives.

Flagship has made extensive investment into new assessment development that improves the validity and reliability of proficiency measurement. The Flagship program tests students in all modalities (Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing) and requires that Flagship students attain a Level 2 on the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale to qualify for the Flagship Overseas Capstone program and an ILR Level 3 to become a Flagship Certified Professional.

The Flagship battery of assessments is used to measure proficiency to determine participant eligibility for both overseas study, as well as for certification as a Flagship Certified Professional.

Flagship Certified Professionals have:

  • Completed the domestic Flagship program
  • Completed the Flagship Overseas Capstone program
  • Completed their Flagship Overseas Capstone internship
  • Attained an ILR Level 3 proficiency in their target language

For more detailed information and statistics, please visit the Annual Reports Archive.