Domestic Flagship Open Competition 2024-2028 Coming in Spring 2023

The Language Flagship is preparing to launch a full and open competition for all domestic undergraduate Flagship Programs.

Grants awarded during the upcoming 2024-2028 open competition will provide funding for institutions that demonstrate a strong commitment to producing students with a high level of language and cultural proficiency to continue their work creating the next generation of global professionals.

Domestic Flagship Programs are responsible for recruiting students from all majors into the Flagship program and developing a curriculum that ensures students are at an advanced level of proficiency/ ILR 2 prior to being admitted into an Overseas Flagship Capstone Program.

Interested in learning more? Below are several opportunities to explore The Flagship Model and its outcomes:

1. Register to attend an upcoming webinar:

  • Tuesday, February 14 at 2:00 pm EST: “Getting to Know The Language Flagship”
    Learn more about creating a Flagship at your institution. What are Flagship’s core practices and objectives? What does becoming a Flagship program mean for you and your students? Register here.

  • Wednesday, March 14 at 2:00 pm EST: “Elements of the Flagship Model”
    What makes The Language Flagship a unique approach to foreign language education? This webinar shares a deeper look into the elements that make a successful Flagship program. Register here.

2. Review Fall 2022 webinar presentations:

3. Sign up for 2024-2028 Flagship Competition News and Updates  


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